Store Insurance & Registration in LirMag. Insert License & magnet to car door upon traffic stop. @LirMagInc #LirMag #LirMagUnite

LirMag License Insurance Registration case helps prevent unarmed police officer shootings and create safe communication with police officer and law enforcement during traffic stops. Sandra Bland Philando Castile

Clearly Communication



@LirMagInc #LirMag #LirMagUnite


The Inventor

Invented & Founded by a Survivor

I’m Kaseem Penn. A survivor of multiple traffic stops.

I created the LIRMAG, because I TRULY believe that the LIRMAG can make our traffic stops safer. Most importantly, I believe that the LIRMAG can save lives.

The LirMag assist both the driver and the police officer. 

I encourage all drivers to use the LIRMAG and all police departments to encourage all drivers to use the LIRMAG in a joint effort to create more positive traffic stop experience.


Kaseem Penn
Inventor and CEO

LirMag Inc.

Uniting the Community and Law Enforcement. 

@LirMagInc #LirMag  #LirMagUnite @KaseemPenn

Kaseem Penn invented the Lirmag to reduce unarmed officer involved shootings during traffic stops.